Tuesday, October 30, 2007

To Michmoret on Saturday

On Saturday there was a memorial regatta at Michmoret for Yossi Korakin from the Naval Commando. Our kayak club paddled the 10 km or so from Sdot Yam to Michmoret accompanied by Kayakers from Maagan Michal to participate in the memorial service. During the morning many other sailing vessles began to arrive filling the water with a myriad of colors, sails and boats. here are a few pictures from the morning. The coast from Sdot Yam to Michmoret is interesting in that there are coves, bays and cliffs all the way making the shoreline a great place to play and explore.Its always exciting to get to new beaches and play in different locations, and then there is the challenge of a longer , harder trip with more weather to contend with. We all had a great time and managed well. See you on the water.

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