Friday, October 19, 2007

rolling practice

Friday comes around surprisingly fast these days, our week starts on sunday and before you know whats going on its friday again, is it just me or is time really speeding up.Anyway today we had rolling practice with Hadas, for those of us who are just learning to roll and those who want to polish their rolls and maybe learn a new roll. The weather is still friendly and the water is not yet too cold, actually its never too cold, even in winter it only gets to 16C so with the right equipment you can still roll in winter.
Here is a link to some of the Greenland rolls if you are interested
and heres our photos from today.
I should also mention that tuesday was a fantastic day in the waves, everyone who was there had a great time. The excitement of catching and surfing giant waves is contagious and most of our new kayakers had a taste and now want more. Go for it guys, there`s nothing like it.

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