Friday, October 12, 2007

lesson of the week

Today we met a new kayak on the water, congratulations to Danny on the launching of his newly finished[almost] Night Heron, great to see another wood kayak in our area.Wish you many hours of happy paddling. Now I mentioned some time ago that I bought a new camera, the miu770 by Olympus. It seemed the answer to a kayakers dream, waterproof to 10m, shockproof and non crushable, if you believe all the hype that they tell you.Sadly to say that after only a month of use water got into the battery compartment and caused a malfunction. I immediately returned it to the shop that I bought it from as it is under guarantee????? with the nai
eve expectation that they would say "no problem we will replace it for you in no time at all" The reality of it all is that they tried to lower my expectations immediately and told me that it would be sent to a lab to see what really happened and only then would they decide what to do. so now its a waiting game and in the meantime I have no camera. Thankfully Limor has a similar camera which is still functioning and thats what I have been using .
And so to todays lesson, support strokes, high and low braces, sculling and rescue when the paddler gets separated from his equipment.Hadas is a great coach and we all get something valuable from the lessons. These Friday lessons are taking us all to new levels and increasing our skills tremendously.
Have a look at the photos.

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