Friday, October 26, 2007

paddling in reverse and the great BBQ

Todays lesson with Hadas was all about going backwards, how to paddle, turn and maintain course while going in the wrong direction, probably the best thing to do today after all the alcohol that was consumed last night, as I`m sure going forwards in a straight line was not so easy for some of us. Then playing backwards in the surf was the highlight of the morning, look at some of the photos and videos. The surf was just the right size for beginning to master boat control in these conditions and most of us had a great time.The power in the waves is just amazing, if it catches you at the wrong time and in the wrong place you are helpless and just have to brace and pray. I guess the skill of wave play is learning to stay out of the wrong places, that takes experience which comes from lots of play. About last night....... great food , great people, fantastic time, David was good on the grill , thanks to all those who organised it , especially Gill, a man of hidden talents.

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