Saturday, May 4, 2013

magical misty morning

Yesterday my new paddler asked me if it doesnt get boring, paddling the same route every day. True, we dont have a huge variety of places to paddle and mostly we stay at our home ground. What does make the difference though is the different conditions of the sea. One day it  may be like a glassy mirror, then we get a stormy wavey day and for the last 2 days we have had magical morning mists

The mist changes everything, visibility is limited and you could be anywhere at all. Padders appear and dissappear , landmarks on the shore take on strange shapes and sounds are muted

The sun tries to break through and burn off the mist

Its like a struggle to see who will win, the sun or the mist

Keeping the group together is more important, its easy to loose paddlers if you are not careful and so towing the slower ones is a great help

Familiar sights take on a new look, making it a great outing.It all depends on where you are and how long you have  to paddle. On a long expedition mist can make your life miserable, spoiling the landscapes and making navigation a challenge. For us here on our short outings its a blessing and a taste of the possibilities that we could encounter on faraway expeditions.
What a great sport we are addicted to.

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