Saturday, May 18, 2013

experimenting on humans

Last weekend I managed to get my daughter Michal, aged 20 out in a kayak along with 2 of her friends. I have offered to take her and friends out many times but only now has it happend

It was a prefect day for new paddlers and they all enjoyed the outing. Wanting more we agreed to go out again this Saturday. The weather was not great for first timers, with a strongish north wind. As there were about 8 of them this time I decided to take them out in couples because of the wind. I also decided to try and start them off with Greenland paddles as an experiment. Usually the default paddle is a feathered Euro paddle, and  I have to explain about the assymetrical blade, feathering , changing angles and all that stuff. Also there are power faces and back sides to the Euro paddles. I figured that for a novice who has never paddled it would not make any difference what paddle they used for the  first time. So I got them all started on Greenland paddles. There is no back and front, no power face,no feathering and the paddle is symmetrical so cant be used in the wrong way. How easy is that to explain to a new paddler

I gave each one a Greenland paddle and off we went and everybody did great, into the wind was easy and even  with the wind at our backs they all managed to keep on track

I dont understand why more Israeli paddlers dont use the Greenland paddle

But if I have anything to do with it I will make sure that more are seen on the water.
I know you are not supposed to experiment with humans, but today I took a chance and it paid off, everybody managed great and there were no complaints. Who knows, maybe some of them will turn into kayakers

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