Friday, May 24, 2013

Another Greenland paddle,or how many paddles does one guy need?

Once you start making your own paddles its hard to stop. They take up less space than a kayak so it doesent upset the wife too much, and if you make a nice rack to show them off it can even become a piece of artwork.

My latest is a  2 piece made for my upcoming kayak trip to the greek island of Kefalonia.
I strengthened the ends with fibreglass and epoxy and finished the paddle with a water based matt varnish. Lynn made me a nice little paddle bag for easy transport.
I actually prefer a one piece paddle as the joint usually developes a bit of play after extensive use, and so this will only be used for travelling
Now we will see if the airline company will let me take it on as hand luggage or will they make me put it in the hold.

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