Saturday, October 27, 2012

and then when I am not paddling

I am finishing the paint job on my Matunuck  surf kayak

Helping Eli build a chicken coop for his newest project

Its taking longer than I expected

And Lynn is also helping, I suspect she wants me to finish so she can have her parking space back

While the paint dries I am making a new Greenland paddle

And Eli is finishing the hatch, soon the chickens will have a home


Lee said...

Great job on the build!Great to see people working into urban gardening and raising food.

Susan said...

This is my first time that I see kayak painting. Is it difficult? and what kind of paint you use?

Unknown said...

Hi Susan, its the first time that I have painted a kayak too. It was difficult and would have been easier if I had used a spray instead of hand painting. I used regular external use paint and will cover it with a layer of clear varnish.I had to use masking tape and then cut out the pattern that I wanted and then paint it in, this took a lot of time and patience but I think it came out pretty cool.