Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rosh hanikra to Sdot Yam 2012 second version

We had our annual trip from the northern border Rosh hanikra down to Sdot yam over the sukkot holiday. there were about 24 kayaks all paddling together

Yossele giving final instructions

first we headed to the grotto 

Yos did a quick check to see if we could go in

We could and we did

Its crowded and noisy inside but exciting too

Everybody brings something unique to the trip from strange fruit to the ability to keep us rolling around laughing at jokes round the campfire 

we pass Acco or Acre on the way

Camp on the beaches at night

pass Haifa in the morning

lots of good food for energy

cakes too

rest whenever we can in the shade

always help one another

pass Crusader ruins at Atlit

we know how to chose the best beaches with the best attributes

we pose for many pictures

and rest when we can

its hard work paddling against the wind


and sleeping too

collect firewood for the night 

keep hydrated at all times

stretch those paddling muscles in the morning

and pose again 

my double gets a good workout

the early morning clouds make dramatic skies

theres an old wreck near habonim beach

and nice caves along the way

we eat

and eat

and then set out home 

they prefer to land in reverse

while Racheli surfs in
If you want to see more pictures you can go here

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