Wednesday, July 6, 2011

who killed the turtle?

This poor turtle was caught in a discarded fishing net and died. I cut the net and  pulled it onto the deck of my boat ,freed the turtle and headed for the shore.

The net was pretty heavy and stinky, rotting old jellyfish and bits of fish caught in it. I persuaded Danny and Izzy to tow me home

It was quite difficult to paddle with all this on my lap so the tow was very helpful.

here we go , back to the beach

Izzy had just launched his new kayak a few days ago

He built it in record time and it looks great

Here he is on his maiden voyage

Congrats, Izzy, may you have lots of happy moments in your new kayak, and thanks for the tow.

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Lee said...

Good on yah for taking the "ghost" net out. Too many of em plague our waters.