Friday, July 1, 2011

Pure Magic

The weather was expected to change with a storm on the way and strong sw winds

We left our hilly campsite and improvised to keep our feet dry, at least Danny did. Ali paddled with gumboots.

We hugged the cliffs on the northern side of the island to get some protection from the wind

The scenery was pure magic

Black rocks, green grass and caves and crevices  all along the way

Avital was getting the hang of her boat by now and enjoying it more and more

We stayed in a tight group

explored the sea caves

paddled through rock arches

all the while staying as close to the shore as we could. the wind was pretty strong

Waterfalls were handy for filling our dwindling  water supplies

there were some proctected coves

After a long haul against the howling wind we hid behind the wall before making a landing on a small beach

Ali pitched the tipi on the grass, we made an amazing pot of hot bean and vegetable soup and then  arranged for transport to the next B&B. Some of us stayed to load the kayaks when Charlene arrived

Luckily we finished our days paddle just as the storm broke and the rain came pouring down

This is the B&B we stayed in for the next 2 nights, can`t think of a better name. Its actually run by a Frenchman as a kite surfing center.The food was good and he had a nice bar and pool table, so we spent  some down time out of the weather.

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