Saturday, July 2, 2011

all good things have an end, but a sausage has two

We left on the ferry to Clare Island on a wet windy day, paddling was out of the question .

After settling in to the B&B we all met up at the local community center for  a beer and sandwich

Then went for a walk to the lighthouse and the Abby

Ali pointed out these newly refinished Curraghs, traditional Irish boats, skinned and tarred

Curragh racing is still a very popular sport in this region

Late evening light on the harbour

Optimists sheltering in the local pub

Tides out

Here we are at Roonah Head , beginning the last leg of our trip.

Ali found a cormorant tangled in a fishing line with a hook in his neck

Using his sprayskirt to hold the bird he performed emergency surgery and managed to free the poor thing.

The cliffs here were impressive too

Ali`s parents live close by and joined us for a short while. His mom showed us how to catch lunch.

After a while we entered a small harbour to the cheers of the locals

and then began a long crossing to the next island

Again the lighthouse was our reference point

 this area is full of small islands, mostly uninhabited, but used for summer
We had a short portage to save a few km.

And finally made it to our last B&B
Early next morning we began the long trip home after a fantastic week in Ireland.

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