Saturday, June 12, 2010

the last weekend before Alaska

Yesterday the wind in the afternoon got up to 20kn, only 4 of us went out, Avital, Yotam, Yair and myself. We went out against the wind for about an hour. The wind waves were about 1 to 1.5m high and the paddling was really a lot of fun, bouncing over the waves and feeling the spray blown around.

Avital and I were paddling with Greenland paddles and I have to admit, it really was easy going, we both felt no adverse effect of the wind on our paddles

A good sprayskirt is essential in these conditions, otherwise your kayak gets full of water and then you have to raft together and pump it all out.

The home leg took us all of 15 minutes, and with surfing the waves and the wind at our backs it was an exhilarating ride home , only we had to be careful to dodge the wind and kite surfers in the bay.

Afternoon paddles are a great way to end the day with the setting sun out over the horizon.

Saturday morning at 7 is another great time to paddle [actually any time is a great time to paddle] and after this mornings outing I managed to catch Kid and Vered in a classic pose. This picture is now my new wallpaper. Hail the girls of Optimist, you are great.


avital said...

It was a great fun!!!!

Lee said...

awesome on many levels

hadas said...

as we called them in greece,the tea spoon girls...
steve,i love the new look of you page.the wet look is always the best :-)