Wednesday, June 2, 2010

countdown to alaska

June 17, 0200 in the morning we take off for our 8878mile trip to Alaska. This will take all of 20.09 flying hours, not counting waiting around in duty free shopping areas. Seems like a lot of miles to go for a paddle. And then we have to come home again, making a round trip of about close to 18000 miles. Usually it takes me 10 min. to get to the water.
This time it will be different though, a week spent in the Prince William Sound, miles from civilization, paddling in an alien environment for me. Cold water, whats that?
They have rented dry suites for us, I`ve only worn one once when I went out with Jeff in Cornwall last summer, and then I needed help in putting the thing on.

Whats it going to be like wearing one for a whole day?
Talking to people who have been there and done that I get the impression that its a great experience, learning to survive in a totally foreign environment, dealing with the cold and wet, and the occasional bear, makes for an unforgettable trip.
So the countdown begins,


Silbs said...

How I envy the amazing trip ahead for you. As for the drysuit, it will become like a second skin in a few days, maybe hours.

It does occur to me that you could easily add a few days at the beginning or end of this trip and visit us here in Wisconsin. My home is available.

Unknown said...

thank you for the offer, unfortunately Im on a tight schedule and everything is prebooked, so Ill take a raincheck this time.

yosi wolfson said...

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