Friday, June 11, 2010

Greek Island Hopping

They came home on Tuesday morning , 15 intrepid kayakers from the Optimist kayak club, after an arduous trip from the Greek Island of Milos to the Island of Santorini.


Now this is a second hand description of the trip, pieced together from snatches of conversations with a few of the participants and some descriptive photos taken from Kobi Keren`s album.

We at home heard that the conditions were not too easy, strong winds and long crossings but the truth was a bit different, They made short shrift of the 20 to 30 km crossings from island to island, with numerous relief stops along the way.
The nights were spent on the luxurious island beaches within easy reach of the numerous Tavernas, where for a few paltry Euros they ate, drank and then danced their way through the night.

Sometimes they even paddled into stunning rocky bays and coves

and the hardships of the campgrounds was softened by a bottle or 2 of the good stuff.

All in all they had a great time and every day was different  with new  places and faces.

I`m sure as time passes we will get more detailed information and hear of the incidents along the way.

And of course when we get back from Alaska we will have to have a party to celebrate the summer trips and show all the pictures.
And yes Lee, I am getting excited.
thanks to Kobi Keren for the photos 


hadas said...

a great trip with a wild group of we called it, we were living the blond life.
with fantastic memories from greece im looking forward to the coming adventures in alaska.
lets drink,or just smile,,,,

natasa said...

What a great trip! I know these waters very well, so this isn't an easy thing to do.
Have fun in alaska!