Monday, June 28, 2010

into the wild and back again

The best way for me to describe our trip to Alaska is with pictures. Words cannot adequately tell the story,so I will keep them to a minimum.

We were taken to our drop off point by sea taxi from Whittier and left to fend for ourselves for 7 days and 6 nights in the Alaskan wilderness. It was a fantastic experience for me and the 14 other paddlers. Camping in the pristine Prince William Sound was like being in the Garden of Eden, the views were wonderful in all directions, the wildlife was abundant with seals , eagles and whales and the human companionship was the cherry on the cake.

Everybody found their own role in the group, and cooperation took no effort at all. Thank you to all who were part of this trip, together we made it a great experience.
In future blogs I am sure more tales will come out, just now its too much info to process all at once.
One day we saw an Eagle with a fish in his claws, at some point he dropped it  and Humi managed to get hold of it. The eagle had only eaten the head and left the rest for us.Some of our party  declined to eat the leftovers, but those who did had a real treat.
Later on we met some commercial fisherman who also gave us a few Salmon which were just as good and now everyone could eat gourmet food.
 We visited the glaciers and paddled in the ice
This is way way out of our usual paddling experience.
I guess it will take a while to settle back into a regular routine again.


avital said...

It is sooo good to have you back!!!! It looks as if you had a great time ther!!! What the hell the sun is doing ther .....
Need more pics!!!

Silbs said...

Wonderful...and everyone is safe.

Lee said...

Looks like quite the adventure! Congrats!

karel said...

Waiting for more pictures and stories

avital said...

come on!!!!!!

Zohar Navon said...

Steve- sounds like an amazing trip! and....try not to sink back into the regular routine- trust me...normaly works better!!! We missed you here! Glad to have you back