Tuesday, March 23, 2010

too crowded to surf

Well the surf was good but when we got to our favourite spot we found that it had been overtaken by all these stand up artists. This made surfing more dangerous than usual and not as pleasant, but we still had a good time. Unfortunately I didnt manage to get any good surfing photos, maybe next time will be better.
Also pay attention to the bird pole, rough seas and no birds in sight.

I was away for a while, had my sister who lives in the USA and her husband visiting for a week, so no kayaking for me for a weekend. We went for a trip to the north of the country, and I became a tour guide for a few days. Theres nothing like having to take guests around to reopen your eyes to the many attractions and beauty of the country. We were at the caves of Rosh hanikra, this time from inside, watching the surging water coming in, and all I could think of was how fantastic it would be to go through in a kayak again.

Later on we were on the Golan Heights looking down on the Sea of Gallilee. There is one spot where you can see the entire sea in its entireity, and guess what, before the Six day War, this spot was the site of a Syrian army bunker and from here they could and would lob shells down onto the Israeli villages , kibbutzim and fishermen.
Next challenge comes on Friday when a bunch of us are going to paddle round the Sea of Gallilee , all 55km in one marathon day.


hadas said...

great kineret picture

Vered said...

Great kineret picture indeed! and i really liked the waves picture. it is "something something" ;-)