Wednesday, March 24, 2010

signs and omens

Sometimes when driving to work if I get all the lights on green I tell myself that its going to be a good day.It doesn`t happen that often, lights on green, I mean. But the thing is its nice to get a sign from above that Im on the right track , at least for a day.
So the other day, while hiking up in the Golan Heights, when I found a cap with an Alaskan symbol on the badge, I just had to read it as a sign that my trip to Alaska this June is the right thing to do.
What are the odds of finding this particular cap in this remote out of the way place.
I looked around, no one was in sight and so I figured its my lucky day and put it in my bag. About 10 minutes later I came across a very unhappy kid who asked me if I had seen a cap on the way.
What would you have done?


Silbs said...

Give him the cap. You have lots of them. In fact, you're putting them on your patients' teeth for years.

Anonymous said...

Dear Stive how many trafic light u have in Pardes Hana? Rachel from Zichron City.

Vered said...

Do you really need a sign to tell you that the trip to Alaska is the right thing to do...?!

Unknown said...

Ok , I gave him his cap back. there are 0 traffic lights here and no I dont need a sign but its nice to get one anyway.