Friday, November 20, 2009

did someone say sushi?

What a morning, about 70 kayak fishermen had a competition on our beach today.

They went out at 5am , so we didnt see them set off when we went out for our morning paddle, but the sea was littered with sit on tops with fishing rods sticking out at all angles. They all seem to have at least 3 rods trawling behind them, but the amount of fish they catch is not very impressive. I suspect the waters have been fished out over the years.

They did manage to get some Tunny which Ido and friends filleted and sprinkled with soy sauce and gave it to us to eat.

Wow, it tasted fantastic, fresh raw fish eaten with fingers on the beach, what a treat.The winning catch was only 3.5kg with almost no difference between the first 3.There were also some interesting kayaks around, all sit on tops,a couple of surfskis modified for fishing and one 3 piece kayak

which can be made into a one man kayak or a double by adding the insert. Ehud , the owner of our Optimist Kayak club,[ also sells fishing kayaks],
was the sponsor and gave away generous prizes to the winners.
Maybe I should take up fishing.

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