Saturday, July 4, 2009

body weight times mets times time

So if you want to know how hard you work when kayaking, you multiply your body weight in kg by 5 for moderate leisurly paddling or up to 10 for racing, times the hours you spend paddling.
If you followed the links in the last post you could come across some interesting information. The multiple of 5 or 10 is based on a study of almost every activity humans do, work, sport or just existing, and its called METS, to do with metabolism.
The highest mets I found were 16.5 for cross country sking, uphill on hard snow, 15 for running up stairs, or speed skating, and 12 for canoe rowing competition. Easy paddling rates the same energy consumption as hunting, mowing the lawn, cleaning gutters or excavating the garage. Interestingly active vigourous sexual activity only rates 1.5.
There is no entry for kayak surfing but I would guess it rates about 9 or 10 when you have to paddle out through the surf, but take into account that you are not working all the time, its intense for a short time , then a wait for the right wave, then intense again and then back out . I know that after a session in the waves I always have a great appetite and a need to sleep.
Such was the surf today and yesterday.


Silbs said...

I have had healthy people reach 18 mets on the treadmill. Athletes can do more.

Unknown said...

maybe they need to update the tables more often