Friday, March 21, 2008

Not Yet fit to paddle

The best advice I received from a friend about my recent new hip was" Dont screw it up". So even though I feel great, a bit limited in the leg department, and lacking some muscle power, the urge to get up and go is very strong and I have to fight it at every turn. I guess I have to learn patience. I have been doing a bit of work on the kayak, cut out the cockpit recess, [Hadas wants a larger cockpit for easier entry], and am now filling it in before cutting out the actual cockpit. Also Hadas has been very busy getting the English version of our website finished with Derrick and the end result is fantastic. I have been doing some editing and improving the English too , not yet finished but getting there . Its worth a visit so go here
See you on the water soon.
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Silbs said...

Just remember the prayer of the injured or recovering from hip surgery paddler: Lord, give me patience...and hurry.