Thursday, March 27, 2008

how fast do we paddle

Google earth is a good way to measure approximate distances along our shores and gives a good idea of how far we go each time we go out for our morning paddle. Its easy to compute speed when you know the distance. Some of us like to take it easy and just being out there on the water is what counts, but then there are those who use the outings for fitness training and speed becomes an important factor. With that in mind here are a few of our routes and the distances .
1. From launch parallel to the shoreline to the electric co. then west along the pier to the end and diagonally back to our launch ........7km
2.From launch straight to the end of the pier and back.....6.6km
3.From launch to Jasser harbour is 5.5km, then back home total 11km
4. From launch to the Island at Maagan Michael is 7.5km , round trip is 15km
5.From launch to Hof Dor is 14km, and back again makes 28km
6. If we go to Olga its 5.3km one way and on to Netanya makes 16km one way.
So if you are into speed and training now its easy to measure , but remember that the weather conditions and state of the sea also has an effect and needs to be taken into account.

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