Sunday, March 9, 2008

The advantages of the hospital gown

Everyone knows the gown, it`s like a long shirt put on backwards, tied with a couple of tags and mostly flapping open to air your rear.The first time you put it on you feel totally vulnerable, your VIP status disappears and you become just another body in the hospital. But as time goes by you begin to see the advantages of the design. It`s very airy, allowing a cool breeze to caress all parts of your body.It makes a trip to the loo a piece of cake, no zips or buttons to tangle your fingers and the speed with which you get to do what you have to do is greatly improved. If you can overcome your self consiousness and begin to not give a damn, the thing can become quite a good experience, pity that I have to go back to trousers again so soon, I was just beginning to enjoy the freedom that it gives.
I am back home after having a total hip procedure done, it went like a dream , the op was on Thursday morning, and now Sunday I am back home , walking around on crutches and beginning the recovery phase.No pain at all and thrilled to be over the experience so soon. A huge thank you to all who sent me good wishes, messages of support and visited me in hospital.
Hope to see you all back on the water soon, and if you wonder why i`m wearing a dress, just think comfort.
Sorry, no hospital photos.


hadas said...

well then, a skirt for paddling and an airy dress for after,mmmm,,, interesting evolution of fasion.
smile, get strong quickly and see you later.

Unknown said...

ברוכים השבים , החלמה מהירה
ונתראה במהרה על המים
רמי גיל

Anonymous said...

הי סטיב
מאחל החלמה מהירה
אני בטוח שתגיע לים לפני, אז שיהיה
רק טוב והמון בריאות
בידידות רודד

Silbs said...

Glad it all went so well. Where are the pictures (from the stern) of you in the gown?