Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cold Wet and Windy

The last few days have been cold, and windy.A strong offshore wind blowing from the east makes our paddling something of a challenge. There is the danger that if you stray too far offshore the wind will take you out to sea, it gets stronger the more you go offshore.Then there is the fact that boat control in these conditions is not as easy as one would like, you have to edge your boat and control your direction with all the strokes that you know, plus the fact that the cold wind on your hands is not very nice to say the least.The compensation is that you can stay close to the shore and paddle around all the small islands and rocky outcrops that are inacessible in other conditions. This makes for an interesting journey especially round the old city and harbour of Caserea. Also yesterday Hadas and Josele gave a lesson to all the fishermen who use sit on top kayaks, not the best conditions, but it seems as though everyone got something from the day.


Silbs said...

You come padle with here in Wisconsin in January, Steve,That should stop all the kvetching :)

Unknown said...

maybe next year