Tuesday, January 15, 2008

cold January

So far its been COLD , in fact the number of paddlers has dropped dramatically, probably due to the fact that its more comfortable to stay in a warm bed than to get out and freeze your butt off on the water. But we do see some brave souls out there and some interesting hats too. The thing is that we dont have such cold winters and thus we dont have the cold weather gear that you see in north europe or America.Our hardy kayakers manage to go our in shorts, flimsy gloves and minimal cold weather gear,and still have a good time on the water.At least its still possible to go out , not like in North america or Europe where they hibernate till the spring. If there are any readers from these northern climes who cannot paddle in winter, you are more than welcome to come visit us in Israel and go paddling for a few days.

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DaveO said...

If only it were that easy I'd be over in a flash. I have a friend who will be in Tel Aviv tommorow but she has no interest in kayaks. Meanwhile, I cross country skied this weekend in -35F windchill near Lake Superior and fantasized about a warm water paddle.