Friday, January 25, 2008

the art of neglecting the yard

Let nature take its course, look around at the natural world, the forests and the meadows, beaches and deserts, seas and lakes. They don`t need constant looking after, they seem to reach a point of natural balance, unlike my garden.No matter how hard I try to keep it low maintainance it always calls me to order. Hedges need to be trimmed, lawns need to be mowed and leaves keep jumping off the trees. If only we had about 50cm of snow to cover it all up till spring, then I could go paddling without the nagging feeling that one day I would have to do something about it.Luckily my lawnmower is being repaired right now so I have a legitimate excuse.
The weather is supposed to change tonight and the sea should be a bit more active tomorrow, waves up to 1.2m are being forecast, so hopefully we can get some surfing again. Its been a long flat January.

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