Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the changing raging nahal hadera

2011, to get to Nahal Hadera we  have a short portage on the beach into the river

then we paddle upstream in shallow water with a rec area on the right

Here we are facing upstream, behind the wall is the power station
2013 after the winter storm  the river is transformed. See the brown bush on the north shore and compare it to the green bush on the north shore[looking upstream] in the previous picture. Its the same bush

Going upstream today with the rec area on the right you can see how the river is fuller than at any other time

There may even be some new paddlers this time too

And the biggest surprise is the outlet to the sea, instead of portage we can paddle straight out into the sea

Todays paddle was a nice surprise, oh how we need more water in this desert country

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