Saturday, January 26, 2013

and theyre off....

The second of three surf ski races held at Optimist took place this morning. there was a good turnout, I guess about 20 racers

The conditions were not exciting, flat water, no wind or waves, more like olympic paddling

Some of optimists entrants

Someone should tell Eyal that he just cant keep up with them.
Hope the sea is more exciting for the last race in the series, from a spectator point of view.
 Surf skis are relatively new here, and are becoming popular with paddlers who want a good work out and are looking for speed. They are also great for surfing and can catch the swells for a great ride.
Well done to all the competitors. These boats demand a high level of technical skill and lots of practice and our guys are improving all the time. Maybe its time for me to get one too?

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