Tuesday, December 4, 2012

paddling with protection

 The seas were supposed to rise this morning with a big winter storm beginning. As usual it was a bit late and we managed to get in a morning play session . Now we are all afraid of the Evil Eye, the cause of many misfortunes,  and so Zohar has found the ideal protection. She has stuck a magic glass eye that is guaranteed to give the owner protection from all the malice of that nasty Evil Eye.
 In the beginning she  was a bit wary and still showed a degree of sceptism
 But after a few close calls she was convinced that the Evil Eye was being kept at bay

 Now we could let rip and really play in the wind and surf
 Racheli was with us in her surf ski, and Eyal too with his trusty Greenland paddle

The storm is supposed to be here by now, I guess mother nature has her own timetable , lets see what happens tomorrow.

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zohar said...

I thought you said you must run away to work, but I guess keeping a blog for as long as you do, and as persistence as you do it, it is work….
It was a great morning in did, had a good play and it was fun to feel the sea working more and more while we were there. I guess mother nature has decided to give us just enough time. A minute after we left all hell broke loose and it was pissing rain. Or maybe it is thanks to….the evil eye. :-)