Saturday, November 10, 2012

the sea was supposed to be ROUGH

7am, according to the forecast the sea should have been at least 2m with strong winds. We were anticipating a fun first time in rough water
the front came in much later and we were met with a piddly little wave and flat water

Hadas was our creative photographer and made even the small waves look impressive

We are all first timers in these kayaks and so used the conditions to get familiar with our new kayaks

Hadas tried out Guys boat and was full of admiration

She sure has all the right moves

I learned a few things too, like use a good sprayskirt, mine is old and holed and my kayak filled up with water pretty fast

Ofer played with the Night Heron

There were a few short rides

Just being out on the water in such dramatic conditions was great


nissim said...

beautiful pix

i loved the first one with hadas riding the wave

hadas said...

that was fun and the kayaks are amaizing!!! i hope to get another free ride some day soon before the water is too cold.thanks guy