Saturday, November 24, 2012


The week ended with a rain storm .

While the rockets were flying in the south of the  country earlier this week, we had some great days of paddling. It seems surreal that we can be at war with a deadly enemy, daily we can have rockets falling on the south of the country and millions of citizens having to run for shelter and we can have a nice peaceful paddle  in the middle of the same country.

We were missing Yossele who had been called up for duty. He was down south waiting to see if he would be sent into Gaza with the IDF forces on the ground.

By Friday some sort of cease fire had been agreed on , the attacks had stopped and the even the weather had changed. We had a wonderful rainstorm which delayed our paddle while we waited for the lightening to pass.

After the 7am paddle we could buy fresh bread from the bakery at the kibbutz

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Saturday we still had some rain, clam seas and no lightening, what a gift

There was even a bit of a wave to play in.
So now I guess its back to normal, for the time being.

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nissim said...

beautiful day it was

beautiful pix

thank you