Friday, July 6, 2012

Alaska continued

Paddling in the Harriman Fiord is an amazing experience. The air is clean and cold, reminds me of skiing trips. the views in every direction are like fairy tales, the clouds and mist change all the time causing shifting shadows and moving images

Food is important, keeps you nourished, keeps you warm and keeps you busy especially when you have to feed 17 people, luckily everybody pitches in. If you didn't bring it with you you do without

keeping your body fit and healthy is important yoga stretching in this environment is natural, just look at these two trees.

paddling in ice is a new experience for us

Glaciers are amazing, watching them calve, sounds like thunder and then the waves arrive, need to take care and watch out for floating ice

Eli caught us a fish at the last minute of our trip, great for the last supper

David had some good supervision while cleaning and preparing the salmon

Trees grow everywhere

And finally the sea taxi arrived to take us back to Whittier, trip over all that's left are great  memories and photographs


Lee said...

Beautiful trip Steve!

Unknown said...

thanks Lee, now I understand how you can come home eat dinner and then go kayaking, I needed to experience those long long days with no darkness to get the point. there are some beautiful places in this world of ours

Lee said...

Awesome to hear steve! Looked like a awesome trip, great food ,people,....and maybe a little damp!