Friday, July 13, 2012


Food plays a huge part in our everyday lives, socially we exist around food, we celebrate with food, we meet over food, we swap recipes, we swap diets cause we eat too much food, and when travelling we spend a huge amount of  time buying transporting and preparing our food

Everybody brought their own eating utensils, but after the first day they all got thrown into the same bag and were mixed from then on. Noam found that flat stones can be used instead of a fork or spoon for rice pasta or couscous but not for soup
True , the conditions were a bit rough, but that's to be expected in the rainy wilds of Alaska. the kitchen area is always some distance from the sleeping area, this in case of hungry bears.
We kept to our Mediterranean diet most of the time, lots of fresh salads, tehina which we had brought from home, fresh fruit too. For breakfast we had pancakes eggs and oats, and lots of tea and coffee as well
You always have to remember to raise your mosquito netting before putting anything in your mouth
When eating in the rain make sure that you are under cover or else your soup can get diluted pretty quickly

The fresh Salmon turned into Cerviche, the rest was fried in butter for supper

Hot food and drinks are essential in the cold weather, they keep up your spirits and stave off hypothermia and keep one fueled up and ready to go. There are many ways to keep yourself fed on a trip, this is how we did it and it worked great.

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