Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the Sea Of Galilee

Friday morning, bright and early, more than 30 kayaks getting ready for our annual circumnavigation of the Sea Of Galilee. There has been a lot of rain and the water level has risen quite a bit more than last year.

Bringing up the rear I was watching all those lovely paddlers heading off . Mount Hermon was looming on the horizon, covered in snow .

The winter rains have made the hills surrounding the sea a lush green

Tourist boats take day trippers out on the water for a short  sail

The surrounding is different from our usual beaches, here its stony shores and green hills

These hills are the beginnings of the Golan Heights. A short while ago the Syrians were stationed there and would bomb our people continually

The trip is actually an excuse to have many picnics along the shores

Its easy to get blown into the reeds and trees in the strong winds

Seeing the Sea filling up leaves us with a good feeling, we need every drop of water we can get.

Its only about 56km all round, not too difficult over 2 days but its a great experience and a lot of fun. that's why we come back year after year.


Silbs said...

How wonderful to paddle amongst the history. And 30 paddlers. We call that a symposium here.

Lee said...

Ah the Golan heights. My wifes father was stationed there as a UN observer.

Unknown said...

Thats interesting, what did he observe?

Unknown said...

Hi Silbs, actually the 30 were from our club, there were about 7 more kayakers from another club doing the same thing at the same time, so at one stage there were close to 40 of us on the water together.

Mickey said...

Waiting eagerly for the next opportunity