Friday, September 23, 2011

third week in September

Mans best friend gets a ride to the market

While we paddle out to the ship unloading coal for the power plant

playing between the pylons

In the absence of natural obstacles we use man made ones

Kobi tries out a surf ski

While at home I am finishing my double

Iris used to paddle kayaks with us, now shes moving on

Kobi is still looking at all the options

This morning the sea was flat

A  few hours later the storm front had moved in

The rain wet my new kayak, luckily I had given it one coat of varnish which was already dry. Just a few more coats and then launch day.


Silbs said...

Fun pictures. It had to happen and I have wondered why it took so long: a double-bladed SUP paddle.

Unknown said...

actually its a paddle for the Hasaka, but it could be used for the SUP very easily.

itay said...

Hey Steve,congratulations for the new kayak.
I'm sure it is not the last one...