Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sea trial and happy new year

At almost 8 m long I drove to the beach before sunrise to avoid the cops

Champagne for the first lalunch

Pass  the bottle please

Motke and I heading out on the maiden voyage

Out at sea and very happy too

David and I trying out rolling together, video will come later when I have time

David and Israel also have a go

And wishing all a very happy and healthy new year, cheers and keep paddling.


hadas said...

as usual the kayak is amasing!!!!!!
great morning on the water seeing so many kayaks , surf ski's,and all those swimmers.

Silbs said...

Another absollutely awesome boat. Enjoy....and the best of health for you and yours and the entire over there. Paddle safe.

nissim said...

congratulations steve

it looks great on the water

Lee said...

Happy new year! Boat looks awesome. Lets hope for a great new calendar