Saturday, August 6, 2011

surfing,landing in surf and rolling

When the seas is a bit rougher than normal getting in and out through the surf takes a bit of skill. You can only learn this by being there and playing in the water

The more you play the better you get

Today we played in the waves at the rock

If you cant roll you need a friend
I love seeing lots of kayaks on the water
more pictures here


Lee said...

I envy your kayaking community. I hope the recent conflict again with hamas terrorist isnt affecting your area.


Unknown said...

Thanks Lee,we are a tiny country and everything affects all of us, maybe not immediately and directly but were all part of it, everybody has someone in the army and were all concerned.Nevertheless life goes on and we keep on kayaking.
Nothing can compare to your beautiful landscapes and variations of kayaking locations,you have nothing to be envious of.