Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Guillemot Fast Double continued

Building a kayak is a long term project, it takles about 150 and up hours depending on your ability and the finish you want. Also thats not 150 continuous hours, its free time hours if you have a day time job. Things get in your way too, like travelling to foreign lands for kayak touring, having visitors and weather thats just too hot to go outside and work. So the project can take a good few months

Today we had nice swells and waves, so I only got to kayak building after the morning paddle

I`m a the cockpit rim stage, and today I epoxied the rim to the coaming. This is the classic picture and caption which always says you cant have enough clamps

Now I have to sand it smooth and then give it a cover of epoxy and fiberglass. It needs to be pretty strong as it usually has to deal with a lot of pressure. The day temprature is pretty hot and by the afternoon the epoxy had set hard enough to remove all the clamps and  do some rough sanding and  I also managed to get the forward cockpit rim on too. Its a double and so everything comes in pairs. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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