Saturday, January 22, 2011

paddling and eating our way around the sea of gallilee

Kobi finds a new use for his new Greenland paddle

26 optimists at the beginning

be prepared

off we go

there are many churches along the shores of the sea

new kayak and new paddle

chase the birds away

zohar gets stuck into danny`s home made jam

ruti takes a nap

kid rests on the rocks

hadas looks at the church

in the water

paddling against the current of the Jordan as it flows into the sea

living the good life

looks good to me

another new kayak

after getting dumped in the cold jordan water

and then she did it again

gastronomical treats

nice colours

clouds of birds

early next morning

strong wind and waves helped us along

everybody had a fun ride

and the end of the day

happy paddlers, what a great life we have


hadas said...

the best life we have.thats for sure.fantastic pictures steve

Rachel Einav said...

למה רק לפנק?
היה קשה, רוחות, גלים, לא היה מספיק אוכל, לא היה איפה לישון.
אפילו לא טיפת אדרנלין.
סבלנו, סבלנו

nissim said...

great adventure you guys had

for us ikf members it was the seconed time we paddaked the kineret