Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January birthdays. Happy birthday to all Capricorns

3 Bitrthdays on the same day and a handful of others all celebrating in January makes it a great month to start the year.  So far weve had Avital and Hadas, next week its Gil, Zviki and I all on the 9th and then theres Arye and Anat just after. So if anybody is on diet this is not a good month as tradition calls for some kind of celebration with cakes and other goodies after paddling.
Today was a good start, Champagne and a feast, that will be a hard act to follow.

We also had a great paddle in the rain with a rainbow to begin with

What a great way to start the new year


hadas said...

great way to start every day...hhh
loking forward to all the birthdays of the month.

Adventuretess said...

Happy Birthday to all the Cappy's from another Capricorn, you celebrate in style!
My friends and I celebrate with 'birthday rolls'. 1 roll for every year, plus one for good luck, No champagne to be seen. Perhaps I should come and celebrate with you next year!
All the best in 2011

Unknown said...

Happy birthday to you too Adventuretess, you are quite welcome to join us next birthday, Champagne is guarenteed. I dont think I could do enough rolls, maybe over a couple of days.