Friday, July 16, 2010

kayaker drowns in Cesearea

News flash,
An unknown male aged 57 was found in the sea by swimmers at the Aqueduct beach yesterday, a short while later his kayak was washed up on shore Investigation continues. Swimmers recall seeing a single man going out in a kayak earlier.
Not much to go on so let your imagination take over.
Did he own the kayak, or did he rent it, how much experience did he have?
Rumor has it that it was a sit on top.
Now the conditions here are not too extreme except if the sea is rough, and this is the time for  rough seas, so anyone going out should take precautions.
Can you swim, do you have a life preserver, do you know what to do if you capsize etc etc.
The obvious answer here is no no and  no.
And most importantly don`t go out alone if you don`t have the skill levels to deal with rough water.
Maybe he had a medical problem, asthma attack, heart attack or something like that .
In time we will get the answers but for now  remember to respect the sea and  condolences to the mans family.


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