Saturday, July 31, 2010

another saturday morning on the water

Here are some pictures of a Saturday morning paddle, the first group goes out at 7am, the second at 9.30. Because there are so many new members the first session is usually full, that makes about 20 plus kayaks in the water

.How the sport has grown in the last couple of years. and there are newcomers for lessons almost every day

.I really enjoy teaching the rookies  and seeing them improve from outing to outing.its a chance to give back to the sport that has taken over my life.

There is always something new to learn and you can never get to the end.

Some get it quicker than others, some have more natural ability, some have more persistence, but in the end almost everybody enjoys the experience and everyone improves .

We visited the old port of Cesearea today,
 Funny how easily we forget to look around and appreciate our surroundings, imagine paddling round a 2000 year old Roman village, but because we do it all the time we hardly even think about it anymore.

Of course it has been rebuilt and modernised, but there are still lots of relics  left to give it the original flavour.

When we got back to our beach we met Hadas with her group of new paddlers out for their first lesson.


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