Friday, January 29, 2010

girl with a magnefying glass in her hand

So there I was, lying naked on the bed after spending a couple of hours surfing in the cold water and she approaches me with a magniying glass in her hand. Not my most confident hour.
Actually she was really pleased with me, the results were a clean bill of health after a through body scan for signs of skin cancer.We are supposed to have our skin checked once a year, take note of any moles or freckles that change size or appear suspicious, stay out of the sun and use sunscreen. As a responsible kayaker, I always wear a hat, cover my body and use sunscreen but you never know when that rouge ray of uv will get you, and then theres the fact of all those years long ago when we used to coat our bodies with baby oil and spend days in the sun.Well this was my first check up and she said that everything was perfect and to come back next year. Well I will but certainly not after hours in cold water.

The rest of the day was great, we had superb surfing this morning and then I began to work on my new kayak.
The first job is transfering the patterns onto the wood.This is a slow delicate job requiring all the help I can get, so I roped in Eli and Lynn to help.

You can buy the wood all pre cut in a kit if you dont want to spend the time , but I think its part of the fun to do everything oneself.


Silbs said...

Great advise.

avital said...

That's a nice pic of you and Lynn.

hadas said...

love the last picture of you and lyn