Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Avital`s new kayak

At long last the great day arrived.
Avital finished her new kayak and brought it to the club for its maiden voyage.
The event was adequately advertised and a banquet breakfast was laid on for all to enjoy.
The main event however was the successful launch of Avitals baby. Two years in the making, lots of angst and hours of hard work finally came together to make a unforgettable first voyage. The first paddle in a new kayak is always an exciting experience, even more so when you have make the kayak yourself. There is always the worry and doubt in your mind, will it stay afloat, how will it handle,whats going to happen. And of course there are lots of people come to cheer you on,adding to the pressure. Lots of us do a secret first launch in private just to be sure that all is well before venturing out in public in order not to fail if something goes wrong. But not fearless Avital, she came straight to the water from the workshop, filled with confidence and pride. And it was justified, her Guillemot S is a beautiful kayak, floats like a dream and paddles with ease. As a kayak builder I can appreciate the effort and hard work that went into this boat considering that Avital has no background in woodwork of any kind.
All I can say is fantastic, well done and happy paddling.


hadas said...

fantastic job with the kayak-Avital.
and with the movie-Steve.
it was a fun fun morning here at the club today.
well , it always is...mmmm
lucky us :-)

Silbs said...

She is a beauty. The boat also looks very nice. Congratulations.

avital said...

What can I say?... I am sooooo happy, it feels good to know it is done, feel so lucky, I got so much love yesterday and appriciate that a lot. Thank you Steve and all the others in the OPTIMIST that encourege me all the way.And Silbs- ...we must meet somtime...