Wednesday, June 3, 2009

up the creek without a paddle

Well as we all know stuff happens, usually things go ok, but inevitably bad stuff comes our way and then there`s no excuse. If you usually bring along a spare paddle and never need it , be sure that the day you don't you will. That's how things work and I'm sure that someone coined a law that explains it all.

Today was that day.

The spare paddle was with Yossele, but he turned around early and didn't get to Jisser , fat lot of good that did.

When Aviv tried to roll and we all heard the CRACK I knew that his paddle had broken. Luckily we were only 6 km from home and the weather and sea was calm.He was determined to paddle back with half a paddle or even tried to hold the parts together and paddle.

The easiest thing to do was to tow, and so we did. With Aviv helping with his shortened paddle we managed to get home quite easily.

I even managed to get some video footage with my dying Olympus. Funny, it wont take stills but has no objection to video, albeit the quality is poor.

Ok, I know , always take along a spare paddle and at least one tow rope amongst the other emergency kit that you should ALWAYS have with you.


itay said...

Steave, as usual, a good experience.
I think Dan is ready for his new career as a tugboat....

Silbs said...

Great piece, wonderful lesson.

hadas said...

nicw one man !!!