Tuesday, June 9, 2009

in the pink

Heres how to take your dog for a walk/swim when you go kayaking.
When Rami comes paddling with us he brings Lola with as well. She waits on the shore or the reef and when we return she jumps into the water and swims to meet him. Sometimes he`s nice to her and gives her a ride

So my old camera died and I ordered a new one.

I did it through the internet , they promised 14 working days delivery, it came in less than one week. Not too bad, only problem is that its Pink. Not the ideal color for a boy, but what the hell, I know that it will only last a year if I`m lucky. Thats also the reason that I bought the cheapest model that I could find and stayed with Olympus so my old battery and card can still be used and I dont have to buy them too.

I would have liked to get the new Canon, but its too expensive to take a chance with and I had written to them offering to be the real life tester, but up to now have not gotten an answer. Its blue as well, a better color for me. Oh well maybe next time round.

Lets see how long this Olympus lasts .

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