Thursday, February 12, 2009

how to make a hole in your friends kayak

Being a naive blogger, and not knowing the difference between a pure lesson learnt by bad judgement and making someone look less than their best sometimes puts me in a difficult position. I think that lessons should be shared and if mistakes are made they should be acknowledged, analysed and lessons taken.
Now sometimes the people involved are high up in the hierarchy of the sport and talking or blogging about their mistakes may make some people think less of them. This definitely not my view of things, but nevertheless it is not my intention to put anybody down and make them look less than perfect. I will not describe anybodies failures without their permission, and if in the past I have offended anybody now is the time to apologise .On the other hand most of us regular paddlers don't mind being used as an example and our mistakes are regarded as important rungs on the ladder of experience, leading to better judgment and making us better kayakers in the long run.
So now I can tell you how Arele`s new kayak ended up looking like this.

Well maybe I won`t, I`ll just say that it was a stormy sea, strong winds and currents and a lot of adrenalin.

Hadas and I were watching and filming when R got himself pushed onto the rocks by a strong shore breaker.
From his point of view all was well, he edged the kayak correctly and positioned the boat between himself and the rocks. The sea was pretty strong and he ended up on the rocks, luckily not too far over as then the backwash would have bashed his head and face on the stones. So all ended well with only a bruised ego and and a holed kayak .
Now for the lessons learnt.
1. D`ont lend your kayak to your friends if the sea is rough.
2.If you borrow your friends kayak make arrangements for compensation in case of damage
3.Stay out of the danger zone when the sea is rough
4.If you do do something silly try do it when no one is watching or photographing.


Silbs said...

I agree with you, and you make some good points. We call those errors (that we all make) teaching moments, and they often turn an ordinary paddle into an education. Sorry a boat had to be damaged. I hope it is fixable.

Ori said...

I wonder why there 'R' not many comments?!?

hadas said...

well, Rubik deserves congrats....
on his new yellow kayak,,, and Arale' too for his...
So all is well and peace is back , at least in our small world of in Sdot-Yam.