Friday, October 31, 2008

Optimist kayak club symposium

Counting the empty beer and wine bottles this morning tells me that something unusual happened last night. This may or may not have an effect on todays lessons.Derrick can improvise as he does his Greenland rolling lessons with groups of 6 to 10 people every day, even twice a day, as for Jeff and Phil, coming from that great beer drinking nation across the water, makes me worry that they didnt have enough to drink, and hope that this lack of sustainance does not affect their abilities on the water at all.
Up to now, 2 days in all, it has been a great beginning. The rolling lessons have been a great hit, as its the first time in the history of Israel that we have had any official Greenland style lessons.Derricks way of teaching has been an inspiration with many of us managing to do the first few rolls and giving the rest of us a good feeling about the ability to roll. Somehow we managed to get a collection of paddles that have been made by various people , probably rivalling the variations in style that you see in more traditional societies. And the days go on filled to the brim with activity. Jeff and Phill have been giving BCU training as well as incident managing and forward paddling classes . There is something for everyone and always new stuff to learn . What a great life .

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Hey Steve,

Great post about this event. I just posted to the Werner Blog about Yosef and his team as they attended the symposium in preperation for their Patagonia trip. Read more...