Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The need for speed

Did someone mention chicken

Two wooden kayaks, one strip built one stitch and glue, not related to the need for speed.
Some people just want to go fast, faster and fastest. Be it on land or sea or in the air we all sometimes just want to go as fast as we can. When you take away the big engines and all that moves you forwards is you own power you begin to feel the limits of your body. Some bodies are faster and more powerful than others, some are more trained and practiced and more efficient. We all have the potential to go faster to improve and to develope our skills to get the maximum efficiency. When it comes to kayak paddling, you dont always need to be faster or stronger, but sometimes you do need that extra power and speed. for example when surfing you need power and speed to catch the wave, you need strength and efficiency to break through the surf, and in emergency situations you may need a burst of speed to get past a danger point or to help someone else out of trouble. Nevertheless , even if you are not interested is speed you still should try to be as efficient as possible in your paddling, this will let you go for longer without getting exhausted, let you keep up with the group, and in times of emergency you will be able to perform as needed. Speed is not a result of strength, rather a function of correct and efficient forward padling, so if you concentrate on the correct technique your regular paddling will improve . There are many different opinions as to the best technique, but they all have the basics in common. That is to use yor torso with good rotation, to keep the blade as close and parallel to the boat as you can and to exit sooner than later. Lately I have been paracticing the Brent Reitz chicken wing technique and am finding it to be a very positive and efficient forward stroke,{ as well as a tasty meal.}

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Silbs said...

Good points, and don't forget boat length. In my 16-foot Romany I often find myself working a bit harder to keep up with all the 17'6" "cruisers" most of my friends own.