Saturday, June 14, 2008

the launch

11 am and no sign of Hadas, one kayak waiting to be unwrapped and the champagne in the fridge. Eventually she arrived and with great excitement began to unwrap her new boat inside the club.I must admit it was a beautiful moment, after working on the kayak for all these months to finally have it opened in such a way was a great feeling. And then down to the water and the first paddle. There is always a bit of uncertainty about how it will handle on the water, but the smile on her face told me that all was well.
Everything fit perfectly, for me the fit is a bit on the tight side, but then I am a bit bigger than Hadas, but even then the boat feels great, easy to handle and a terrific paddle. In time she will write a review of the boat and give us her honest opinion. Its a bit of a risk with a new kayak that you have no idea of how it will feel or behave in the water, and with no possibility of a test run you are taking a bit of a chance, but luckily Nick really knows how to design good boats.
Hadas , I wish you many hours of happy paddling and hope you love your new boat.

Here are some pictures of the launch, and just a word of thanks to all those who stayed and cheered us on . Thanks for you support guys, you made me feel great.


hadas said...

i think i was speachless...i cant remember. it was truely over welming.
thanks a hundred millions for this fantastic peace of art.
i admire you for the hard work. i know i would never have built something like this for myself so thanks man.
sorry about the poor spelling.

Silbs said...

A beautiful boat and a beautiful moment beautifully captured. Mazel tov.

hadas said...

thank silbs

derrick said...

wow, beautiful! I'm always impressed by such great work. I couldn't glue two sticks together. I admire your talent!

Unknown said...

thanks and thanks for the great write up